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Melinda Meszaros  PhD

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Melinda has a diverse background that initially centered on research in molecular biology and neuroscience. Her focus was understanding gene regulation during development and in mental disorders. She earned a Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology and holds PhDs in Neuroscience and Educational Psychology. The topic of her Psychology dissertation was on unconscious judgement and decision making. Melinda also spent many years advocating for and trying to help and understand neurodiverse gifted children.

Through personal challenges Melinda realized that science didn’t have all the answers and started to explore alternative healing modalities and the spiritual aspects of existence. Healing diets, cleanses, meditations and reading have deepened her understanding of the mind body connection.

Becoming a Reiki Master and a Deeksha giver provided her with first-hand experience in using energy to assist others, and her intuitive abilities began to surface and expand. Her passion for transformational work was truly ignited when she discovered Awakening Dynamics®.

After becoming a certified Awakening Dynamics® Advanced Practitioner and Teacher, Melinda further developed and expanded the technique and the way it is practiced and taught. It has become a distinct modality that now incorporates counselling techniques and aspects of the Emotion /Body Code.


In addition to these tools Melinda uses her strong intuitive abilities and understanding of psychology to bring about rapid and effective transformation in her clients.

Tara Lakesh  MEd

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During her teenage years, Tara discovered her inherent ability to perceive and engage with energy fields. Throughout her twenties, she dedicated herself to extensive training in bioenergy and yoga, ultimately obtaining  a Master's degree in teaching. While employed as a high school teacher, she also taught yoga and meditation as a hobby.


Upon relocating to Canada, Tara broadened her expertise by delving into Chinese Medicine and Counselling. Holding a Diploma of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and another in Clinical Counselling, she skillfully merges counseling with her intuitive capacities. Tara employs diverse energy modalities to assist individuals in releasing trauma embedded in the Meridian system and psyche. Utilizing the positive psychology framework, she aids clients in cultivating resilience.


Her personal health challenges served as a guiding force, propelling Tara to expand her knowledge and empathetic understanding, particularly for those grappling with chronic health issues.


Tara's proficiency extends across various energy modalities such as Bioenergy, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Awakening Dynamics®, and M.E.D. (Master Energy Dynamics).  Tara is  a certified Awakening Dynamics Advanced Practitioner and Ambassador. She has also received non-violent communication training and has served as an instructor in this specialized field.


Over time, Tara has crafted her own unique energy modality, leveraging her innate clairvoyance gift as the foundation for her sessions. By combining this with her diverse skills, she creates a transformative experience, offering clients a positive and uplifting framework to easily integrate into their daily lives.

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