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         Do you feel that....

  • you have blocks to moving forward with your plans and desires

  • your relationships are not working for you anymore

  • you are weighed down by traumatic life events

  • you are running in circles, repeating behaviors and situations

  • you are limited in your ability to make more money

  • you are sabotaging yourself

  • you are stuck in your career

  • you cannot stand up or speak for yourself

  • no matter how hard you try you cannot change

  • you blame yourself for any of the above


If so, you have come to the right place


What we do

      We address every issue on at least two of three levels:

  • We work with the conscious mind through coaching, helping clients see things from different angles, help them rephrase, envision their situation differently.

  • We work with the subconscious mind by changing beliefs, clearing traumas and removing trapped emotions to establish a foundation for new possibilities in our client’s life. The core of this transformational work is done using the techniques of Awakening Dynamics®.

  • We work with the client’s energy field directly when that is called for using our innate intuitive and psychic abilities.

What transformational belief work is all about

  • Beliefs are the driving force for our behaviors and choices

  • Most of our beliefs are outside of conscious awareness

  • These sub/unconscious beliefs are held in our body

  • It is possible to communicate with the subconscious mind through muscle testing (also known as applied kinesiology)

  • Once limiting or negative beliefs are identified, getting into a theta brain wave allows us to clear them and replace them with ones that are empowering

  • This brings about a lasting change in belief systems and as a result a lasting change in a person’s life

What a session looks like

Outside of our group events we work one on one with our clients. The first session is usually longer than the typical 50-60 minutes. During this session we get to know each other, we describe our process and discuss the issues that need to be addressed. Some issues are resolved in one or a few sessions, life-long chronic problems may require a longer series of focused sessions.


The sessions are conducted via Skype, Signal or phone. We prefer to be face-to-face with clients but working without video is also fine.

What  our  clients  say

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