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The Hidden Blueprint for Healing

In this course we bring together the best of scientific research and positive psychology with a very powerful energy technology that is able to reach and transform the hidden layers of belief systems. 

Witnessing the remarkable transformations in people's lives and their improved circumstances resulting from using this technique inspired us to teach it to a wider audience. Our hope is that a growing number of people will learn the skills we teach and initiate positive change in their personal lives, families, workplaces, and society as a whole. The world needs more people who can heal themselves and others effectively!

We are excited to offer a 10-week online course, starting in September 20, 2023, where we teach the basics of the technique, coach people in its use, and provide the science background (in laymen's terms) for belief work. There will be two sessions/week, one a lecture style and one devoted to learning and practicing the technique, group belief work and self discovery exercises.

​Join us, and you will:

  • Learn a very effective energy technology that is able to pinpoint and shift your hidden belief systems 

  • Participate in group coaching using this technique as well as positive psychology exercises

  • Be able to use the basic protocols of the technique with ease, both for yourself and others 

  • Have considerable amount of belief work done during the practices

  • Become a certified practitioner 

We are now offering this course at an introductory rate of 697$, the lowest price it will ever be offered.

In addition we are adding the following bonuses

  • You can join for free whenever we run the course again

  • You’ll receive lifetime access to the program and bonuses from all its future iterations 

Are you in?

If you have questions please email us at

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