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    Melinda is very intuitive and understanding. Her presence is grounded and clear. She consistently, incredibly and effectively gets to the foundation of issues and clears them. Her teaching is systematic; her coaching is kind and empowering. I enjoy working with Melinda and feel comfortable recommending her.                                                                            Phyllis Brown

Wowza! This stuff works! The questions are off the charts in depth covering all aspects of any issue. Double that with Tara’s intuitive sense and ability to see things. We were able to tap in to all the faceted aspects of some childhood trauma that we were able to shift and lighten my load on. Then we were able to bring in an energy so I felt totally loved and supported.

                                                                Anara V.



I had an incredible session from Melinda. It was about my 8 year old son. The session took into the deep cause of what is happening with my son’s skin condition to clear and heal. The cause had several layers and she helped me discover the cause and clear them all. Her knowledge and intuition was wonderful, as well as her experience and knowledge on education for gifted, disabled, and autistic children.


My sessions with Tara have been deep and transformative. A couple of years ago I lost the use of my right arm. I just woke up one day with a frozen shoulder. It was incredibly painful, but even more than that it was scary as I had no idea what caused it. Combining her own intuitive abilities and the belief work Tara released the pain and restored full mobility to my arm – in just one session! Since then my arm and shoulder have been perfectly fine.  I am so grateful to Tara for the work her and I have done together. Her style and process is unique and the results profound and lasting.

                                  Pia M.

        When I started working with Melinda I

     felt as if my world was falling apart. A lot of unexpected things happened, including my father’s death. To my greatest surprise I was able to process the guilt and grief associated with it very quickly. As we kept working in weekly sessions, my relationship with my sons improved greatly, my anxiety about workplace related things lifted, my victim mentality completely disappeared, and my muscle pain decreased enough to no longer need pain killers. I feel very grateful to Melinda for bring about so much positive change in my life and looking forward to    much more.


I have been a client of Tara's for a few years now. She has been so comforting, welcoming and open to any topic that arises without judgment. She offers amazing insight and perspective that helps me work through the trauma I suffered from. After working with her on my mental health I feel like a different person in all the best ways. I highly recommend Tara!”
                                                                 Amy V.


Melinda has natural talents and instincts for energy work which she infuses with her intelligence to do unique sessions.  I am a blessed recipient of her very detailed and caring service.  Through her sessions, Melinda has quickly discovered challenges and obstacles in me that years of psychological therapy likely would not have ever uncovered.   I highly recommend hiring Melinda to perform energy work that will make a tremendous difference in your life.  

                                                                   J. J.

                 Before working with Melinda, I kept

             procrastinating with moving my business

        forward. Every time I started it felt as if my brain

    was disconnected from the creative flow. During the sessions I already felt energy shifts taking place in my system and I had some crucial insights. The results of working with Melinda are amazing: my creativity is back, and I was able to take action on everything that was blocked for months. Fast, smooth and easy and with remarkably good results! No more doubts, procrastination or mediocre outcomes. I highly recommend working with Melinda for anyone who wants to move past hidden beliefs or blocks

   that are holding them back from stepping into the life

       they really want to live...
                   Patricia Peters

                    Spiritual Mentor for High Achieving

                     Woman Entrepreneurs

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